Alliance for Urban Rights (AUR) is an action-based research and advocacy organization constituted in August 2019, to fill the gap between activism and research. Our work lies at the intersections of urban planning, climate, gender justice, and technology.

We work with communities impacted by urban displacement & violence especially the gendered impacts of it. AUR is a network of activists, organisers and researchers, who work on issues of marginality and rights.

Previous Projects

In our previous project we worked in collaboration with All Pakistan Alliance for Katchi Abadis in Islamabad (working since 2003), to explore possibilities and provide alternative policy discourse to the State provided narrative with respect to low income housing, which not only fails to address the fundamental needs of the people living in the ever growing low-income informal housing.

The aim of AUR is to improve the welfare of residents of irregular settlements by investing in, developing and strengthening related infrastructures of care, and in equipping vulnerable communities with the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities. The purpose is to develop alternative knowledge on vulnerable communities- one that highlights their central role as hardworking, responsible citizens who live in ethical and sustainable communities.


1) To conduct research studies on the socio- economic conditions of people living in irregular settlements with a view to involving ways and means for their development within and beyond their social historical frame works and to seek promotion of urban development such as provision of right to shelter, drinking water and education as well as Public Convenience for people.

2) Disseminating information about past and present government policies, actions and initiatives.

3) Establish a dialogue about the economic, social and political power structures that exist in the country and beyond.

4) Raising awareness about the political and legal rights of the Abadi residents, as slum-dwellers and citizens of Pakistan.

5) Outlining the need for peaceful social, political and community organization beyond religious, sectarian, ethnic and gender differences.

6) The association seeks to influence government decision-making through protests, organized demonstrations and legal claims. Its current agenda involves organizing a rally on land rights.

7) To communicate and coordinate with the Govt. Local and public authorities on various issues related to development welfare and public interest on different subjects. –due to ineffective policy and implementation-but also keeps the population living in these settlements at a very vulnerable dis empowered position in the mainstream societal and economic stratum.

An event to remember

An event to remember